A quick guide to finding the best holiday cottages in Cornwall

Cornwall is the perfect holiday destination for those taking a break in the UK. It offers everything you could wish for; warm, dependable weather, beaches, temperate waters, beautiful scenery, historical interest, family entertainment, fine dining and much more. Holiday cottages in Cornwall are a great way to enjoy what this stunning part of the UK has to offer, allowing you the freedom to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. You are not restricted by hotel meal times or being bothered by maid services – everyone can join in to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Finding the best holiday cottage for you means a little thought about what you and your friends or family want from your break.

Holiday cottages in Cornwall can be rented for a variety of reasons, such as family holidays, romantic getaways and even group celebrations. Your reasons for the trip can influence the type of accommodation you choose and even have a bearing on its location.

For family holidays, you will need to consider factors such as how many rooms you want. A holiday cottage can give you the privacy that hotel rooms do not, especially for parents with young children. If children are taking part in the trip, it is prudent to look for accommodation that is advertised as ‘child-friendly’; research things like whether staircases are unfenced, if any ponds in the grounds have safeguards and whether there are any child’s facilities for hire, such as highchairs and cots.

Having children present will mean that you might be wiser to select a cottage in or near a town, allowing you easy access to shops and other amenities. Some cottage providers offer groups of cottages which means that other families with children may be present and this can help to provide instant entertainment for the little ones; some of these even come with children’s play areas. If you have a pet, some cottages welcome animals, removing the costs of kennels from your budget.

Romantic breaks for two have different criteria; primarily, you are less restricted in your location. By stocking up on your treats for the week in advance, you can select accommodation on the strength of its character alone. There are many cottages tucked away in Cornwall’s beautiful countryside or by secluded beaches, offering tranquillity and complete privacy. You can find beautiful listed and farmhouse cottages that are designed for couples looking to enjoy each other’s company and forget the rest of the world for a time. If luxury is what you want, take the time to research the areas and types of building that would suit your requirements.

Celebratory holidays are increasingly common and many cottage-providers have a great selection of suitable accommodation. Depending on the plans for the celebration, you might want to choose accommodation close to a Cornish town, with easy access to bars and nightlife. Alternatively, you might want to look at places near the coast if surfing is on the agenda. Ensure that the building is large enough for your party. Seeking accommodation that is away from other buildings might be a good idea, as often the celebrations can go on into the early hours, which holidaying neighbours might not appreciate, especially if they have young children.

There are many types of accommodation on offer for practically all sorts of holiday. By doing a little homework first and thinking about what you want from your break, you can make it a holiday to remember.