How to Pack for a Family Beach Trip

The sun has got its hat on, hip-hip-hip-hip-hooray, and you and your little tribe of sunbeams are just itching to drop everything and make a mad dash for the beach, and who can blame you. Here are a few little reminders as to what to consider bringing along to help make your beach day run smoothly.

Staying safe in the sun

Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses, beach tents, parasols, windbreaks, water bottles and cool box, after sun lotion, lip sun protection, spare cotton t-shirts, vests and other loose layers, sandals and flip flops, all the essentials to help protect you against overexposure to the sun.


Kit to keep you safe in the water

We must always respect the ocean, so make sure you pack the right kit to help keep everyone safe while having fun in the water: armbands, lifejackets, goggles, swim hats, wetsuits, wetsuit shoes, kickboard floats, dry bags and safety whistles.

Ideas to keep you entertained

A beach day wouldn’t be a beach day without an assortment of games and activities to help keep the family occupied and maybe boost a few egos. Here’s our imaginative list of ideas: beach cricket, Frisbee, beach boules, quoits, limbo poles, beach volleyball, inflatable beach ball, kite flying, Velcro catch, whizz balls, skim-board, inflatable dinghy, fishing nets, lilos, bodyboards, surfboards, snorkels and fins, buckets ‘n’ spades, crabbing lines, colouring books and crayons, puzzle books, books and magazines, iPods and iPads (with a beach case), audiobook downloads, binoculars, underwater cameras, windup/solar radio or bluetooth speakers, festival flags, and not forgetting everyone’s favourite, water pistols and super soakers!


Extra bits ‘n’ bobs to have in your first aid kit

It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit in the event of a minor emergency. Here are a few suggestions that might come in useful: bug bite stick or calamine lotion, insect repellent, lip balm, cooling gel, saline solution, tweezers, bamboo cotton buds, eye-wash, rescue remedy spray, headache balm, Dioralyte, jellyfish sting spray/lotion, baby powder and Savlon antiseptic cream.

Things to keep you comfortable

Everyone enjoys a spot of sun lounging, particularly after a gruelling session of beach cricket or an epic splashathon with shoulder-dives. Here’s our list of things to help you relax on the beach: beach towels and picnic blankets, inflatable outdoor air loungers, deck chairs, camping tables, beach bags and holdalls, towelling onesies, can caddy and drinks holders, surf towels, dry robes, pacifiers and loveys (for tots), wet wipes, sippy cups and water bottles, bamboo cutlery, biodegradable plates, swim nappies, beach shoes, and straw hats.


Light bites and beach snacks

Beach days can be hungry work. Here are a few ‘light’ suggestions for your picnic hampers: scotch eggs, sausage rolls, pork pies, mini quiche bites, chicken drum sticks, cocktail sausages, pasties, pizza slices, bhajis, samosas, falafels, kebabs, wraps, flatbreads, paninis, French bread, salad rolls, couscous, pasta salads, dips and sauces, fresh fruit, egg mayonnaise & watercress sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, cakes, sweeties, squash and juices, and biodegradable bin bags.

We hope that’s given you a few more ideas towards your ultimate, fun-packed beach day. Take a look at Toad Hall’s long and impressive list of sunny, beachside holiday cottages and start planning your summer break in the beautiful West Country.