How Well Do you Know Dartmoor?

Ancient granite tors, rushing river valleys and roaming heathlands, the wilds of Dartmoor continue to inspire all those who explore its many tracks and trails.



Rich in history and folklore, and home to some incredible wildlife, this untamed expanse remains one of Britain’s great natural wonders. It also plays host to some of Toad Hall Cottages’ loveliest retreats, all of them tucked away within the hills of these enchanting uplands.

It’s time to test your Dartmoor knowledge when you take on Mr Toad’s Dartmoor Quiz…

Toad Hall Cottages’ Dartmoor Quiz

Q.1: Which of these wild creatures appears on the official Dartmoor National Park emblem?

A. Pony
B. Badger
C. Buzzard

Q.2: What type of rock caps Dartmoor’s iconic tors?

A. Limestone
B. Granite
C. Slate

Q.3: Approximately how many tors are there on Dartmoor?

A. 60
B. 160
C. 1060


Q.4: Which of these is the title of a well-known ghost story associated with a lonely stretch of Dartmoor road?

A. The Evil Eyes
B. The Frosty Fingers
C. The Hairy Hands

Q.5: Which of these villainous henchmen from the James Bond films was said to have once escaped from Her Majesty’s Prison Dartmoor?

A. Jaws
B. Oddjob
C. Red Grant

Q.6: Which of these Sherlock Holmes cases was set against the eerie landscape of Dartmoor?

A. The Valley of Fear
B. The Man with the Twisted Lip
C. The Hound of the Baskervilles

Q.7: Which of the following is a famous Dartmoor waterfall that cascades down an ancient boulder strewn valley?

A. Abigail Rush
B. Becky Falls
C. Sarah’s Wash


Q.8: Which of these lofty Dartmoor tors is believed to be the highest?

A. High Willhays Tor
B. Hounds Tor
C. Beacon Hill

Q.9: Dartmoor is roughly the same size as how many football pitches?

A. 10,000
B. 20,000
C. 30,000

Q.10: Which of the following is a famous Dartmoor legend?

A. The Legend of Jay’s Grave
B. The Legend of Jed’s Bones
C. The Legend of Jody’s Tomb

Q.11: Which of the following bugs can only be found on Dartmoor?

A. The pink mammoth moth
B. The bog hoverfly
C. The six-legged zebra spider

Q.12:  Approximately what is the combined mileage of all the public footpaths on Dartmoor?

A. 250 miles
B. 450 miles
C. 750 miles



Q1. A; The animal featured on the Dartmoor National Trust emblem is the iconic Dartmoor pony.

Q2. B; Dating back to the Carboniferous Period, the roaming wilds of Dartmoor sit upon Britain’s largest area of granite.

Q3. B; There are more than 160 tors (granite hilltops) on Dartmoor.

Q4. C; One of Dartmoor’s most chilling ghost stories is known as The Hairy Hands and is set on an old stretch of road near the hamlet of Postbridge.

Q5. C; Played by Robert Shaw in the Bond movie From Russia with Love (1963), it was the menacing villain Red Grant who was said to have once escaped from Dartmoor Prison.

Q6. C; Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and featuring the private detective Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of Baskervilles is the story of a fearsome hound that stalks the misty uplands of Dartmoor.

Q7. B; Set in an ancient valley on the eastern fringe of Dartmoor, Becky Falls is one of the national park’s most iconic landmarks.

Q8. A; High Willhays (also known as High Willes) is the highest summit on Dartmoor standing 239 feet above sea level and is the loftiest British peak found south of the Brecon Beacons.

Q9. B; Dartmoor National Park spans an area of 368 square miles, the equivalent of twenty thousand football pitches (a similar size to the city of London).

Q10. A; The Legend of Jay’s Grave is one of Dartmoor’s most well-known folk tales and tells the tragic story of farm girl Kitty Jay who was betrayed by her lover and took her own life. A grassy burial mound, near Hound Tor, is said to be her final resting place and is always adorned by flowers.

Q11. B; Dartmoor is the only place in the world where you can find the extremely rare bog hoverfly.

Q12. B; There are four hundred and fifty miles of public rights of way on Dartmoor, the equivalent of walking from Land’s End to Penrith in Cumbria.