How Well Do you Know Dartmouth?

It’s time to get your thinking caps on…

If you’ve a fondness for the handsome port town of Dartmouth and relish a bit of local trivia, you’ve come to the right blog. Mr Toad (quiz master) has put together a wily flotilla of questions, all of them based on this illustrious and seafaring parish. Are you sitting comfortably?


Without further ado…

Mr Toad’s Quick Quiz on Dartmouth

Q1. What is the name of the historic walkway that runs along the north side of Dartmouth’s Duke Street?

A. The Cakerun
B. The Butterwalk
C. The Biscuitwend

Q2. Which character from Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ rides a farmer’s horse, carries a dagger, and hails from Dartmouth?

A. The Squire
B. The Cook
C.The Shipman

Q3. Which famous illustrator, known for his ‘quirky puns’, has a gallery on Foss Street?

A. Simon Drew
B. Jimmy Choo
C. Danny La Rue

Q4. Dartmouth’s Royal Avenue Gardens were created to celebrate which of the following?

A. Armistice Day
B. Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee
C. The defeat of the Spanish Armada

Q5. Which of these well-known dog breeds is said to originate from Dartmouth?

A. The English Toy Spaniel
B. The Parson Russell Terrier
C. The French Bulldog

Q6. What was the name of the swashbuckling Dartmouth town mayor who laid the foundations for Dartmouth Castle during the 14th century?

A. John Hawley
B. David Thornley
C. Peter Chorley


Q7. Which historic Dartmouth pub lays claim to being the town’s oldest building, dating back to the 1300s?

A. The Ship in Dock Inn
B. The Cherub Inn
C. The Seale Arms

Q8. What is the Celtic meaning behind the name ‘River Dart’?

A. River where meadow cows low
B. River where spawning salmon slow
C. River where oak trees grow 

Q9. Which of these descriptions best describes the Dartmouth coat of arms?

A. A king aboard a ship holding a sceptre in his left hand
B. A mermaid on a rock playing a lute under moonlight
C. A mythical fish jumping between a ship, a star and a crescent

Q10. What is unique about Dartmouth’s Lower Ferry?

A. It’s the only ferry in Europe with signs written in Esperanto
B. It’s the last remaining tug and float ferry in England
C. It’s the only ferry in Britain that is legally obliged to give swans right of way.

Q11. Which of these is a popular Dartmouth salutation?

A. ‘Ello m’ old mackerel’
B. ‘Ello m’ cheeky squid’
C. ‘Ello m’ knobbly barnacle’

Q12. From 1462, what did King Edward IV help fund to boost Dartmouth’s sea defences?

A. A sixty-gun galleon
B. A series of permanently manned warning beacons
C. A huge iron sea chain

The famous port of Dartmouth continues to delight all those who visit; steeped in history and riddled by events, this indomitable and flamboyant town remains one of Toad Hall Cottages’ most sought after holiday locations. Take your pick from our Dartmouth holiday cottages.



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