Surfing Prescribed for Children’s Well-Being

West Country Doctors are Prescribing Surf Therapy for Youngsters

Doctors in Devon and Cornwall have been encouraging children to hit the surf in a bid to improve their confidence and mental well-being.


It’s the first time surfing has been prescribed to children in the UK, the West Country’s beautiful beaches providing the perfect setting for such ocean adventures.

As a coordinator for The Wave Project – an NHS backed initiative responsible for setting up the world’s very first surf therapy courses – Katy Spencer has seen children and young people transformed once they start experiencing the rush of the waves.

‘Once we get in the sea, something magical happens’ said Katy during a recent interview with the BBC. ‘Everybody’s worries disappear, shoulders come down, you see smiles on faces. You can’t think about your daily worries because there’s too much going on sensory wise and you leave all your baggage on the shore.’

The Wave Project began on Watergate Bay near Newquay, North Cornwall, and has been encouraging children and young people who are going through emotional distress and tough times into the surf in an effort to boost their confidence, vitality and resilience while also helping them to feel more positive about themselves and encouraging their sense of fun and adventure.

The runaway success of the project has seen it hit the national headlines, having already formed partnerships with surf schools in the West Country and all over the UK.

The sparkling South West is blessed with some of Europe’s top surfing beaches, making it the ideal location for a family seaside holiday. It also boasts some of the UK’s best surf schools and academies, the perfect place for the whole family to get into the soul sport of surfing.

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