Face in the cliff goes viral!

Last week we shared on our Facebook page a photo taken whilst on a Sunday stroll in beautiful Hope Cove, South Devon. Little did we know the picture in question would attract quite so much attention!

Hope Cove - smaller file
Stunning Hope Cove in South Devon where a face in the cliffs has appeared.

The footpath that runs up the headland from the village to the cliff top and over to South Milton Sands has been a long standing favourite for locals and holiday-makers looking to stretch their limbs along the South West Coast Path. Though following the storms earlier this year, coastal erosion led to vital remedial work taking place and a diversion was made guiding walkers inland and around the village, re-joining the path further along its route.

The face in the cliffs that has appeared at Hope Cove

The recent reopening of the path allowed us to get a closer look at the cliffs that look back over the village and out to the English Channel and it was to our great surprise last weekend that there, looking out over the cove, was the face of a man chiselled by mother nature into the cliff face. We took a quick snap and continued on our way.


Two days later the image was uploaded to the Toad Hall Cottages Facebook page where it immediately started to get lots of interest. By the time the weekend came we receiving calls from the BBC, ITV, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mirror and several other publications. The photo has run riot on Twitter, we’ve had messages from around the world and it’s been wonderful to see the story has captured the imagination of so many. Of course, it’s just a bit of fun and we can question whether this is really “news-worthy”, but with so much tragedy occurring all around us, we don’t think a little light relief hurts anyone.

BBC spotlight news

The rocks have been likened to many celebrities and mythical individuals, including Walter White from the hit series Breaking Bad and Game of Throne’s Tormund Giantsbane. We’re not so sure about that but what do you think? Let us know below if you have any suggestions.