Heron Valley Cocktail Recipes

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of the season, and down in deepest Devon, a merry band of juicers have been busy harvesting this year’s crop fresh from the groves and orchards and ready for pressing.

As part of Mr Toad’s Food and Drink Month, we’re thrilled to welcome Heron Valley, whose orchard enterprise set in the meadows and valleys of Crannacombe Farm, near Loddiswell, has been lovingly toiling for generations in pursuit of the most succulent and fruity flavours.

Their range of ciders, juices, bubblies and cordials are now a familiar sight at West Country festivals and get-togethers, while also available for delivery directly to your doorstep, making Heron Valley a household name across the rolling hills of Devonshire and beyond.

We believe in only putting the best whole fruit and raw ingredients into our lovely drinks, with no sulphites or weird E numbers ever added.

Our new Orchards feature some of the oldest heritage apple varieties from the West Country, and we are working closely with the wildlife trust to develop beautiful, sustainable orchards with pollinator-friendly wild flower meadows.’ – Heron Valley

Introducing a trio of sparkling and sumptuous cocktail recipes from the popular and intrepid Heron Valley Bar

Gin & Pink (AKA The Pink Panther)

‘Delicious and dangerous as this one can definitely sneak up on you!  Perfect for a summer’s afternoon, not too sweet and full of lovely lemons and fresh strawberry’


50ml of your favourite Gin
200ml Heron Valley Pink Lemonade
Fresh strawberries and mint leaves


Pour your gin into a good tumbler or high ball glass over plenty of ice. Top up with the Heron Valley Pink Lemonade, slice a strawberry in half and slide onto the top of the glass with a couple of fresh mint leaves – add a stripy paper straw ‘et Voila’.

Heron Valley Apple Mojito

‘This is the hands down, best-selling cocktail on the Heron Valley Bar – easy to make, with no added sugar (the apple juice gives the cocktail natural sweetness) and completely delicious – you will end up making these constantly once you’ve got the knack.’

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Apple mojito #mojito

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50ml Mount Gay rum or good white rum if you prefer
6 fresh mint leaves
Juice from ½ a lime and a wedge of lime for the glass
150ml naturally sweeter Heron Valley Apple Juice


Muddle 6 mint leaves in the bottom of a good high ball glass then top up with plenty of ice. In a Boston cocktail shaker, shake together the rum, apple juice, lime juice, 4 remaining mint leaves and 4 or 5 ice cubes. Strain the rum, apple juice, lime and mint into the highball glass, add a big slice or wedge of lime and a couple of mint leaves for decoration, ‘chin-chin’.

The Dark & Stormy (Rum Cocktail)

‘The best Pirate drink ever – honoured by sailors across the globe and drunk with dangerous abandon by seafarers on the Heron Valley Bar at the Dartmouth Regatta…’


50ml Dark or spiced rum
200ml Heron Valley Fiery Ginger beer
¼ fresh lime


In a highball glass, pour the rum over plenty of ice, top up with our Heron Valley Fiery Ginger Beer and squeeze in a big wedge of lime – stir well and drink. ‘Yo ho me hearties’

‘Picture yourself sipping sparkling Heron Valley cider on the sun terrace of your dream West Country holiday cottage. Enjoy blissful days on the beach and quiet starry nights when you book a stay with Toad Hall Cottages. I’ll drink to that!’ says Mr Toad.