Ice Cream Lovers Left Empty-Handed in Salcombe

Salcombe Seagull ‘Minty’ is Serial Ice Cream Swooper

A cheeky Salcombe seagull has been snatching ice cream cones out of the hands of holidaymakers before they’ve even had a chance to lick.

Even more surprisingly, the barmy bird, who locals have named ‘Minty’, appears to have developed an exclusive craving for mint choc chip and only swoops when its beady eyes spot the distinctive green scoops.


The problem has now grown so serious that one local ice cream seller is considering removing the popular flavour from his menu board entirely. ‘I just cannot begin to fathom why the gull loves mint choc chip so much, it’s a total mystery,’ said frustrated high street vendor, Roger Ripple. ‘I could understand if it was chocolate fudge, I mean who doesn’t like chocolate fudge!’

Melba Peach of the British Seagull Society has also been getting into a flap about the strange goings-on in the pretty seaside town of Salcombe. ‘This is really exciting. It provides actual proof that seagulls are particularly attracted to the colour green and benefit from having fresh, minty breath.’

Ahead of the summer season, Salcombe Town Council has issued a warning to all holidaymakers with a penchant for mint choc chip and have recommended that they remain either indoors while eating their ice creams or beneath an umbrella.

Police have advised that anyone being stalked by Minty should remain calm and take immediate cover in the nearest shop doorway. A helpline has been set up for anyone who might have been traumatised by the brazen gull and left holding an empty cone.

The story seems to be totally unprecedented, although comparisons have been made to ‘Chewy’ the Padstow seal who would splash and ‘arrrp’ for Wham Bars during the 1980s. ‘At least the Padstow seal earned his chews,’ replied a disgruntled Mr Ripple. ‘Our Salcombe seagull just commits daylight robbery.’

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