Snowy January ..

After a disappointing weekend for local sport, Mr Toad consoled himself in his cottage with the Sunday papers, a pint of Otters Ale and a big bag of fudge from Choc Amour and was delighted to see that Toad Hall Cottages was mentioned in the Travel Section of the Sunday Times.

The snow didn’t stop Mr Toad driving down to Cornwall in his new Land Rover Defender to see Mr Badger and to stay at Rose Cottage, in Downderry.  This stunning property dates back to 1760 and reputedly is the oldest and most photographed cottage in the village. After a few more pints of Otter Ale Mr Toad and Mr Badger headed into nearby St. Germans for a skittles match against the Pirate Weasels.

Mr Toad then headed up to North Devon to check out the winter surf spots whilst stopping with Ratty at the fabulous Morwenna.  This superb property is situated on the outskirts of Welcombe, a small farming community with accessible beaches and beautiful cliff and valley walks.

Desperate to have a ride in Mr Toad’s new Land Rover, Ratty accompanied him down to Topsham to stay at the The Mede with it’s stunning views up and down the estuary. In a bid to get fit for their training of the London Marathon, they decided to brave the cold, hire bikes and go for a bike ride from the Quay in Exeter down to Turf locks for a spot of pie and Otter Ale.

Mr Toad is back in Kingsbridge and practicing for his audition to Dartmouth’s Got Talent.  He is sure his version of Blue Moon will win him Amanda Holden’s heart and Britain’s Got Talent! With his appreciation of the ‘Arts’ Mr Toad is off to see Toad Hall Cottages’ sexy chippy Mike Wootton play one of the Ugly Sisters at Marlborough Village Hall. You too can enjoy this rare treat of Mike singing Dolly Parton’s famous hit ’9 to 5′ whilst dressed in dollyesque clobber. Tickets are still available for Wednesday and Thursday’s performances and can be purchased from Kingsbridge Tourist Information Centre at £7 each.

Mr Toad is off for a game of Arrows, have a good weekend! And don’t forget to come back next week to read about Mr Toad’s night out in Torbados!