Twit Twoo – Barn owl chicks delight guests at Buckland Court

It’s been a bumper summer for the barn owl population at Buckland Court in South Devon.

On the outskirts of the sleepy coastal village of Slapton in South Devon, Buckland Court is home to 7 of our lovely cottages, as well as a beautiful pair of adult barn owls named Bonnie and Clyde. To much excitement last summer, Bonnie and Clyde became parents for the first time but tragically none of their 3 little owlets survived to adulthood.

feeding owlets
“A quick dunk and dinner, then it’s bed for you three!”

Undettered, the popular couple tried again this year and thanks to the care and nurture of some local residents, 5 fledglings have already left the nesting boxes and ventured into the great outdoors. 3 more are preparing to join them and there are another 3 currently in the incubator on site.

baby barn owls
“Excuse me, are we in the right place for flight school?”

This success has been enjoyed not only by the parents but also by several of our guests who have helped feed, bathe and handle these beautiful little beings. With potentially as many as 12 (there is one unhatched egg) barn owls making it to adulthood, the local population is going to be significantly boosted. Good news all round, barring the odd mouse here and there.

charlie the barn owl
From tiny owlets, beautiful barn owls do grow.

As well as the owls, Buckland Court is also home to chickens and ducks, as well as a wonderful array of local wildlife. Spotters keep track of what has been seen on the caretaker’s whiteboard while bat detectors, telescopes and metal detectors are all available for use, so you never know what you might come across.

Perfect for families, couples and groups, the barns at Buckland Court represent excellent value for money and are the destination of choice for many of our repeat visitors.


Cottages Sleeps Bedrooms Pets Short breaks WiFi Price
Acorn Cottage 4 2 Yes Yes Yes £309 – £696
Apple Cottage 5 3 Yes Yes Yes £271 – £755
Beeches 8 3 Yes Yes Yes £388 – £972
Blackberry 6 3 Yes Yes No £364 – £905
Chestnut Cottage 2 1 Yes Yes Yes £303 – £642
Maple 4 2 Yes Yes Yes £323 – £744
Hawthorn Cottage 6 3 No Yes No £364 – £905